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A complete filtration set for water treatment at the main water connections in family homes and flats. The set is equipped with cartridges dedicated for removing iron and manganese from water and softening water. The composition of the treatment deposits used in the cartridges also to some extent reduces hydrogen sulphide.

The system is built on the basis of three BB10 housings, in which instead of the set of cartridges offered in the set can be used other treatment cartridges (e.g. when the water parameters have improved, or there is a need to change the iron cartridge for e.g. the second softening cartridge).
The original Aquafilter system in a frame enabling the filter to be placed on the floor, or hanging it on the wall (holes in the construction frame).
Manometers allow easy determination of the degree of contamination of the cartridges (then the pressure drops - the difference is visible between the input and output manometers).
We equip the filter with a set of cartridges dedicated to the treatment of water supplied from waterworks and water from our own well. Specialised cartridges included in the set react with dissolved iron, lowering its level and with calcium, reducing its amount (softening the water).
The main operation of the filter is:
  • Removal of sedimentation (mechanical) impurities not dissolved in water from water. The sand and sludge present in it as well as solid impurities larger than 5 microns (rust etc.) are eliminated from the water.
  • Reduction of dissolved iron and partly undissolved iron
  • Manganese reduction
  • Improving the taste and smell of water, especially the metallic taste and smell of iron water
  • Reduction of hydrogen sulfide present in water
  • Water softening, by removing calcium and magnesium ions from it, which are the main reason for the formation of boiler scale (white coating, deposits on heaters, etc.)
The set includes three filter cartridges:
  • 5 micron polypropylene foam to stop mechanical impurities. This cartridge prevents sand from penetrating into the distal part of the filter and water installation, thanks to which the treatment cartridges located in the subsequent housings do not contaminate and can effectively filter water
  • Iron removal cartridge with a composition of specialized deposits reducing iron dissolved in water. The ironing cartridges contain a bed regulating the reaction of water, which should be as high as possible in the ironing process.
  • Water softening cartridge, filled in ion-exchange tested for potable (drinking) water. The insert prevents scale build-up (calcium deposits). Protects heaters in washing machines and dishwasher. It eliminates the formation of white tarnish and streaks resulting from calcified water.
The set includes:
  • The filter consists of three filtration levels in the frame (frame)
  • 5 micron polypropylene foam insert
  • Iron removal cartridge, designed to reduce the level of double and trivalent iron
  • Water softening refill
  • The housing key is useful when replacing filter cartridges
  • Installation and operating instructions
Dimensions (height x width x depth): 45 x 56 x 22 cm
After screwing in the pressure gauges, the total height is 51 cm
Water connection thread: 1 inch GW
Working pressure: up to 6 bar
Maximum working flow: 12 l / min

The service life of the cartridges depends on the parameters of the treated water (the amount of iron and other dissolved compounds, the hardness of the water and the amount of mechanical impurities). Estimated service life up to 10 m3 or up to 6 months.

FCPS5M10B: Original Aquafilter BB10 5 micron polypropylene cartridge

Aquafilter FCPS5M10B mechanical cartridge, designed for 10-inch Big Blue standard filter housings. It is made of polypropylene nonwoven fabric and is used to eliminate particles of sand, mud, rust, sludge, etc. from the water etc. The capacity of the insert is suitable for the whole apartment or single-family house.

Sediment insert made of polypropylene nonwoven fabric, formed so that the density of the filter increases towards the core. Stops all kinds of mechanical impurities such as sand, silt, rust etc. with grain thickness up to 5 microns.

Polypropylene foam cartridges belong to the latest generation of filter cartridges. FCPS Series cartridges remove sand, silt, rust and other deposits in tap water very well. They can effectively protect domestic heating installations and household appliances. They are characterized by a huge absorbency of impurities, because the non-woven fabric has the consistency of foam containing in its interior open-cell micro bubbles that cause the contact surface of water with the filter mass to be the size of a football field (for standard 10-inch cartridges).

developed using the most advanced technology
inserts are made of non-woven polypropylene resistant to chemicals and bacterial growth
operating temperature from 1oC to 52oC
minimal pressure drop at high flows
the insert has PZH hygiene approvals
made of NSF and FDA certified materials
lifetime from 3 to 6 months *
the cartridges retain all kinds of mechanical impurities: sand, rust, mud, grain thickness depending on the version of the cartridge (choice below description).

Height [inch] 10 (9 7/8)
Diameter [inch] 4 1/2
Filtration [microns] 5
Productivity [l / min] 40
Service life [liters] 24 thousand
Pressure drop [bar] 0.3 - 0.5

FCCST10BB: Original BB10 softening cartridge (25x11 cm)

The cartridge eliminates calcium from water, which causes scale to build up on the fittings (white coating) and in the pipes (boiler scale). Filled with so-called acid ion exchanger, i.e. a deposit approved for water treatment (softening). Aquafilter FCCST10BB can also be used to soften drinking water.

Dimension standard: BB10. It is typically placed in Big Blue 10 pipe bodies.

The efficiency of the insert allows it to be used in flats for the whole installation or in small buildings.

FCCFE10BB: Iron removal cartridge for 10 inch BB filters - original Aquafilter

FCCFE10BB Big Blue series. Cartridge with active bed for iron removing water. Effectively retains iron compounds dissolved in water. Used to protect household appliances (washing machines, dishwashers) and heating devices.
Aquafilter FCCFE10BB iron removal cartridges contain a special fine grain granulate with high iron ion capture capacity. The cartridges have been designed to improve the taste and smell of water as effectively as possible, removing its specific metallic aftertaste. The cartridges have their own final filter, preventing the granulate particles from leaking out of the filter.
Suitable for 10-inch BIG BLUE on-wall enclosures.
  • is characterized by the unique ability to capture iron ions
  • contains technologically treated ion exchange granules with grain sizes from 0.2 to 0.7 mm
  • used for cold and hot tap water
  • prevents yellow spots on clothing and brown, rust patches on the walls of washbasins and bathtubs
  • the insert has PZH hygiene approvals
  • made of NSF and FDA certified materials
  • water flowing through the cartridge penetrates the entire bed of ion exchange granules ensuring its maximum operation
  • the cartridge perfectly eliminates the metallic taste and smell of water
  • it also has a polypropylene filter insert with a filtration accuracy of 10 microns to additionally protect the insert
  • operating temperature from 2oC to 42oC

Height [inch] 10 (9 7/8)
Diameter [inch] 4 1/2
Capacity [l / min] up to 12
Service life [months] * up to 6
Service life [liters] * up to 4000
Pressure drop [bar] ** 0.3 - 0.5

* Depending on water quality and type of pollution
** Depending on performance