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    116.5 kg
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  • Maximum pressing pressure 50,000 kg
  • Working height 60 - 1,100 mm
  • Height adjustable to 7 positions
  • Working table width 615 mm
  • Pneumatic & hydraulic function

Whether you wish to bend or press metals, or remove gears, washers and threaded bushings, the MSW WP-50T-P hydro pneumatic workshop press achieves this with ease. The hydraulic pneumatic press with an integrated manometer has a maximum pressing pressure of 50 T and is perfectly suited for use in the car workshops or within any mechanical engineering operation.

The WP-30T-P workshop press offers you a comfortable working area with a width of 615 mm. In order to always be able to work in a comfortable position, the height can be adjusted to a range of 60 - 1,100 mm thanks to a winch. Each adjustable interval has a clearance of 150 mm and is secured in addition to the winch with two bolts. In this way, the press can be comfortably used by persons of different body sizes.

Metals of various types can be bent and straightened with the aid of the hydraulically reducible pressure of up to 50,000 kg. The pressure can be precisely determined by means of the built-in manometer and can be adapted hydraulically or pneumatically by the hand pump. Thus, by a gradual increase in the pressure, a precise pressing result can be achieved. The fully welded construction is very sturdy and ensures a long service life.

The stroke of the pressure piston is 180 mm, so that the pressure can be collected optimally at the processing point. Horizontally, the piston can be adjusted in a range of 280 mm, which makes decentralized pressing possible and thus multiplies the applicability.

Both the work top and the pressure piston are shock-absorbent. After completion of the pressing operation, the piston is brought back into the initial position by an automatic retraction function and is ready for the next working operation.



Maximum pressure

50 T / 50 000 kg

Operating pressure (under full load)

624 bar (9,052 psi)

Working height

60 – 1.100 mm / 7 adjustable positions

Workbench width

615 mm

Horizontal adjustment of the piston

280 mm

Piston stroke

180 mm

Dimensions (LxWxH):

96 x 140 x 190 cm


243,00 kg

Shipping dimension (LxWxH)

193 x 86 x 35 cm

Shipping weight

275 kg