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SN-300 - The plug-in voltage regulator is designed to protect sensitive equipment against interference from the mains, generated by various types of machines, lighting fixtures, etc. It suppresses among other things voltage surges, harmonic disturbance and voltage changes. The design of the regulator is based on a transformer, which is always saturated , which gives a good compensation of voltage variations. The SN-300 voltage regulator maintains a stable voltage of 230V. It ensures the correct operation of devices sensitive to fluctuations in voltage. In addition, the regulator protects the connected equipment from sudden increases or decreases in supply voltage (more than 275V or less than 155V) by disconnecting fast its power supply. The rated output power for a single-phase regulator should be matched to the receiver power (satellite TV, RTV consumer electronics, computers, controllers of heating equipment, medical equipment, machinery and other devices). The basic principle is to leave a certain margin of power reserve (20-50% depending on the load). The output power of the SN-300 voltage regulator is 300W!

Power 150V - 275V / 50Hz

Stabilization range (change of the input voltage) 165V 275V

Maximum power of the load 300W

Change of the output voltage 230V±5%

Disconnection of the output at the input voltage above 275V

Disconnection of the output at the input voltage below 155V

Power-side fuse 3.15A/250V

Load-side fuse 2A/250V

Low voltage indicator red LED Correct voltage green LED High voltage indicator red LED

Maximum output voltage 400VAC

Housing type freestanding
Working temperature 0 - 40 ° C
Dimensions 215x66x205
Design Standard