Multi Fuel Boiler with a feeder type KWM-SR -

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KWM-SR-100 Eco-pea coal boilers and had

Multi Boiler with a feeder type KWM-SR - boiler power 100 kW

Nominal power: 100 kW

The size of the area to be heated: 400 - 500 m2
Fuel consumption (at nominal power): 12.7 kg / h
Capacity of the fuel tank: 200 kg

Used fuel: eco-peas, fine coal, coal (solid grate), wood (solid grate), pellets, grains

Basic information
They are equipped with automatic feeders and fuel tanks. Thanks to their extraordinary advantages, they allow very easy handling, rational and economical combustion process. Ignition in these boilers is done once a season.
When properly used, in accordance with the instructions for use, the boiler will reliably serve for many years. KWM-SR and KWM-SGR boilers are manufactured in a version with a grate, enabling a traditional way of burning in a boiler in the event of a power failure or failure. These are ecological heating devices that have a test certificate for an "ecological safety mark".

Technical parameters of the boiler
Nominal power: 75 kW
Weight: 782 kg
The size of the area to be heated: 500 - 700 m2
Fuel consumption (at nominal power): 10 kg / h
Capacity of the fuel tank: 200 kg
Water capacity of the boiler: 184 l
Maximum water temperature: 90 °C
Minimum return and supply temperature: 60/70 °C
Maximum working pressure: 1.5 bar
Maximum test pressure: 4 bar
Thermal efficiency:> 80%
Required exhaust sequence: 0.25 - 0.35 mbar
Required chimney height: 10 m
Required chimney cross-section: 480 cm2
Diameter of the supply and return connector: G2 60 x 3.5
Required section of the smoke pipe: 180
Power consumption: 230 V / 50 Hz - 180 W
Hydraulic resistance: 23 mbar

Control of the KWM-SGR boiler - Argon 3 regulator in the Pyramid enclosure
The ARGON P regulator is designed to control boilers with a screw feeder. The regulation process is carried out by measuring the liquid temperature in the C.O boiler. and proper control of the fuel combustion process in the boiler, preventing its expiration. The regulator controls the trowel: feeder, blower, central heating pumps (C.O.), domestic hot water pumps (C.W.U.).
The fans power is controlled smoothly, which allows to reduce the amount of air supplied during the combustion process. A room thermostat or a remote control panel (eg PILOR R) can be connected to the regulator, which enables maintaining a certain temperature inside a given room, which increases the comfort of the controllers operation.

Control of the KWM-SGR boiler - IRYD RTZ Pid regulator in the Pyramid enclosure - at extra charge
IRYD RTZ pid fuzyy logic is a regulator designed to control the operation of a central heating boiler with auger or piston feeder (with feeder position sensor). The regulator controls an extensive heating installation. Specially designed menu allows you to gradually activate further functions and the controllers capabilities. The regulator has a special pid fuzzy logic algorithm that can automatically select the appropriate fuel doses for the load of the installation and the type of fuel. The regulator controls the blower continuously, selecting the right amount of fuel for a given blower speed.

Warning !!!
In connection with continuous work related to improving the quality and technical parameters of our boilers, the manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the current configuration, which may involve a change in dimensions and other data.